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Make remote development work with your local tools https://mutagen.io

Päivitetty 5 tuntia sitten

Self-contained Creative scripting toolbox for new and old Android devices

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Päivitetty 6 tuntia sitten

Micropython env for Sipeed Maix boards https://maixpy.sipeed.com

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Päivitetty 23 tuntia sitten

PosNet Mobile

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Cross platform GUI wrapper for kflash.py (download(/burn) tool for k210)

Päivitetty 5 päivää sitten

Non plannar slic3r for better surface finishing

Päivitetty 1 viikko sitten

Kendryte K210: development platform for PlatformIO https://platformio.org/platforms/kend

Päivitetty 2 viikkoa sitten

Documentation of MaixPy https://maixpy.sipeed.com/

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scripts for MaixPy ~ have a good time~

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